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Next Week on Medium… | May 5, 2010

So let’s take a second look at what it’s like working in/with/across digital video. As I’ve stated before, I have some experience editing. But these skills were mostly used in the time of audio and video tapes, CDs, and dual-headed VCRs. Using digital media, and Windows MovieMaker, made this experience more of an exact science. Now I was able to split clips by the nano-second, see the peaks and valleys of an audio clip, add text and effects to what was happening on-screen, and quickly and easily move around scenes. None of this was possible with the equipment I had in high school.

Of course, everything has its own set of problems and obstacles. When importing media to MovieMaker, there was no way of shortening a clip before the importation. So when all I needed was a few seconds from the middle of a particular film, I had to bring in the entire film, and then hack away. Also, MovieMaker doesn’t allow you to move your text around freely. It seemed like the middle and bottom of the screen were the only available spots for titles. Zamzar.com was a great find, but a few times I had to wait hours for their emails. Despite these minor nuisances, the project was fun and I learned a lot about creating a new message from several disparate sources.

In advertising, we are always looking for new ways to engage the consumer. Finding new and unexpected ways to get the message out has become as big a part of advertising as slogans, photo shoots and 2-martini lunches. Getting first-hand experience in creating a social commentary through the use of Super Bowl ads, educational films and just about anything else I could get my digital hands on has given me insight as to what is really possible. It’s also given me food for thought on the stereotypical messages I may be actively promoting. In Miles Away from Fair, I talk about how and why I scripted particular gender roles in a radio commercial. Before my work with this project, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. I got the job done, the client was happy, and it served its purpose. Now, I feel like I may have done a disservice by writing spots this way. I cannot say I will not fall into previous habits, but I feel like I will be more conscious about contributing to stereotypes and clichés.


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