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Phun with Photos | March 11, 2010

Our latest project in Visual Rhetoric had us create a photo journal on Flickr. Mine, entitled Expecting, is my attempt to show the excitement, anticipation and anxiety that comes from making the decision to start a family.

Coming up with a theme for my journal was a little troublesome. But once I found a topic that I thought would be easy to document using a sparse amount of words, finding the right scenes and settings came pretty naturally. Even though no word limits were given, I felt it necessary to allow the pictures to do the majority of the “speaking.” Although, after viewing the slideshow without my captions, I am not sure anyone else would know what I was trying to communicate. The majority of the pictures come across as photos from a real estate agent trying to sell the property.

Maybe it was because I was allowing the world into my home, and I wanted to keep a sense of anonymity. Perhaps it was the fear of jinxing ourselves by talking about something you shouldn’t talk about until the 3rd trimester. In any case, I chose to use be impersonal in my captions, and strictly object-based in my photography. By taking my wife and I out of the picture (pun unintended) I felt more comfortable to telling our story.

The second half of our project was to create a Pictory, or a single photo and elongated caption that tells the whole story. I chose the empty bedroom since it symbolized our sense of anxiety and anticipation. Even though it’s just one photo, I feel it tells the same story as the slideshow. Though this may be more of a result of the extended caption.


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